October 24 8:00PM (Friday) - Liberty Party

This year, we will celebrate our Statue of Liberty's 129th Anniversary (i.e., the beginning of it's 130th year!) with the Bretons of NY (BZH-NY). In this relaxed event, which really celebrates friendship among peoples, Breton pastries will battle Alsace hors-d'oeuvre specialties!

Where: Rooftop of 405 Main street on Roosevelt Island (next to the ferry!)

Contribution: $5 and a bottle of wine (or a good pack of beer). You are also invited to bring and share your own home-cooked Alsace specialty!

October 21 7:30PM (Tuesday) - Conference on Alsatian Jewish immigration to Missouri

Historian Anny Bloch-Raymond will present the interesting aspects and facts of this historical mass immigration. An occasion to increase our cultural and historical knowledge, followed by a complimentary glass.

Where: Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, 801 2nd Ave x 43rd st, Suite 605.

Admission: Free.

October 14 7:30PM (Tuesday) - Babeth's Feast opening party
The newly openend high-end frozen food boutique will give us a demo and a tasting (with drinks). Details here.

Admission: Free, but RSVP is required.

October 11 Noon (Saturday) - (Cancelled) Gathering to protest the dissolution of Alsace

This event is in support of a a large demonstration across Alsace to protest the planned fusion of the Alsace region with its neighboring French regions. The goal is to state that Alsace as it stands is a well-defined region with its own culture, identity and balance.

Where: Stadium seating in the middle of Times Square (look for Alsace Flags).

Thanks ELSA for your support!



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