December 6 (Saturday) 12:30PM - Christmas party at OPIA
We are preparing a Christmas party, which we aim to be of the same caliber as last year's! Details to come.

Where:OPIA, 130 57th street and Lexington. MAP

November 23rd (Sunday) 5+PM - Madeleine's Beaujolais nouveau dinner
Madeleine's Petit Paris in Northvale (NJ) is proposing us a mouth-watering gourmet menu (below) to pair with Beaujolais Nouveau for $65 per person (+tax and gratuity)


Amuse Bouche: Foie Gras de Canard

Medaillons de Lotte aux poireaux et pommes de terre au chablis (Monkfish with leeks and potatoes with chablis sauce)

Sorbet au Beaujolais

Filet d’agneau en croute (lamb wrapped in dough with butternut squash, brussel sprouts, potatoes almondines)

Salade et Fromage (salad and cheese)

Beignets aux Pommes (apple fritters)

Coffee & Tea

Beaujolais Nouveau Wines to Taste

For reservations, please contact Madeleine’s Petit Paris, 416 Tappan Rd. Northvale, NJ Tel: 201-767-0063

November 19 (Wednesday) 7PM - Alsace Brooklyn Gathering at La Cigogne
We will gather at restaurant La Cigogne. La Cigogne is recently opened but already has an excellent reputation.

Join us after 7 PM for an evening of Alsatian cocktails, hand-cut spaetzle-based dishes and Alsatian songs!

Where: La Cigogne, 215 Union Street, in Caroll Gardens, Brooklyn. 3.5 blocks from the Caroll St (F,G) subway stop. MAP

October 29 (Wednesday) - Tarte Flambee opening party
Official opening party for the Gramercy Tarte Flambee restaurant, with all you can eat + drink prix fixe.
October 24 8:00PM (Friday) - Liberty Party

This year, we will celebrate our Statue of Liberty's 129th Anniversary (i.e., the beginning of it's 130th year!) with the Bretons of NY (BZH-NY). In this relaxed event, which really celebrates friendship among peoples, Breton pastries will battle Alsace hors-d'oeuvre specialties!

Where: Rooftop of 405 Main street on Roosevelt Island (next to the ferry!)

Contribution: $5 and a bottle of wine (or a good pack of beer). You are also invited to bring and share your own home-cooked Alsace specialty!


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